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Hormones 101-Your Thyroid Gland

Happy January!  This happens to be Thyroid Awareness Month. Our hormone system is like an orchestra.  We have hundreds of hormones and neurotransmitters coursing through our bloodstream, working together in intricate and beautifully detailed ways to send and receive messages, controlling how our bodies function and stay healthy, like an orchestra playing an exquisite and […]

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What I Wish For

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With the holiday season upon us and a new year bearing down fast, I find myself making plans for turning over a new leaf, becoming a new person, or making big changes in the year ahead.  I’m sure that most of us have a list of New Year’s resolutions that are strangely similar from […]

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Let’s talk about sugar

Let’s talk about sugar. It’s the holiday season, and we will all be faced with lots of parties, cookie exchanges, candy, and other delicious temptations. It’s far too easy to overindulge and suddenly find that our clothes are a little tighter after the season is over. As a nutritional therapist, I encourage my clients to […]

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What’s All the Fuss About Gluten?

You’re sure to have heard about gluten by now. Gluten free diets are all the rage at the moment, and everywhere you go, from the grocery store to restaurants, you can find food products labelled gluten free.  Everything from bread to cookies to pickles and mayonnaise have those two words emblazoned across the label like […]

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The Mother of All Sugar Cravings

A few days ago I had a problem. I had worked all day, hadn’t eaten enough, and had gone to the gym for a good workout.  So I was REALLY HUNGRY!  I had to stop at the grocery store-not to shop, but to pick up a non-food related item.  I found myself roaming the store with […]

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Ferment prep

Care and Feeding of your Gut

If you want to take care of your brain and your body, take care of your gut too! If you follow health related news, you have probably heard about the microbiome, or the environment of our digestive system and the thousands of different types of bacteria and other organisms living there.  I talked about this in my […]

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Gut health detective

Listen To Your Gut!

Gut feeling. Gut reaction. Gut instinct. Have you ever felt that your gut was telling you something? Well, in a very real way, it is. Or rather, the microbes that live in your gut are telling you something about the health of your body and your brain. The fact is that the human body is […]

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It’s National Cherry Month!

Even though they’re not in season yet, February is National Cherry Month. Maybe it’s because we’re in the dead of winter and the thought of cherries brings memories of warm June sunshine, but whatever the reason, it’s always a good time to celebrate this favorite fruit.  Cherries are versatile, delicious, and extremely healthful! There are a […]

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Healthy food concept of a human heart made of fresh vegetables and fruits that reduce death risk, isolated on white.

It’s February! Time to give your heart some love!

Is it a coincidence that Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month are both in February? No doubt you’re seeing hearts everywhere-in the gift card section of all major department stores, in advertisements for everything from jewelry to appliances, and of course in the food industry (chocolate and oysters anyone?).  Since we all have hearts on our […]

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Ryder Cup Fun!

A few weeks ago Minnesota had the distinct honor of hosting the Ryder Cup….which to the non-golf lovers out there is basically the equivalent of the Olympics of golf.  I am one of those non-golf lovers, and in April of 2015 had no idea what the Ryder Cup was…had never heard of it.  So when […]

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