Sugar, a not-so-sweet love story

Have I mentioned that I was a pastry chef for many years? I have often been asked if I ever got sick of sweets and pastries, since I spent all of my working days making cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, ice cream, wedding cakes, and all manner of other goodies.  The answer was always a resounding NO!  […]

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Happy Blueberry Month!

It’s July, and that means it’s national blueberry month!   This post is all about the wonderful thing that is the blueberry.  I really hope that you eat these little beauties, because they are packed with nutrition and they are delicious!  Here are a few things that blueberries are good for: They’re good for your […]

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my kitchen my rules

my story

Hi everyone, I’m Amy. Welcome to my brand new shiny website, and my very first blog! My journey to this new place in my life has been a long one, and I’m very happy to be here. I have always loved cooking. My mother was a wonderful cook and an avid gardener, though as a […]

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