Michael Pollan


I love food. I love to cook it, I love to eat it, and I love to share it with others.

I have spent my entire professional life working with food-cooking for people in restaurants, as a caterer, and as a nutritional therapist-and I have seen first-hand the power of food and nutrition to change people’s lives and health. I am passionate about real food-where it comes from, how it’s raised and produced, and how it can bring people together.



It’s my mission in life to share this love and knowledge with my clients through cooking, teaching, and nutrition coaching.

  • As a personal chef, I provide my clients with healthful home-cooked meals they don’t have time to cook themselves.
  • As a caterer, I create memorable, full-service menus for weddings, dinner parties, and other special events, enabling my clients to enjoy themselves and their guests without worrying about shopping, cooking, or cleaning.
  • As a nutritional therapist, I support my clients’ health through individualized nutritional advice based on their specific concerns, whether it be digestive upsets, weight issues, a desire to prevent future disease, or find relief from current conditions.
  • As a teacher, I strive to instill a love of cooking while improving the skills of my clients, whether they are beginners or more advanced.


what I believe



I believe whole food lovingly prepared and shared tastes better than anything that comes from a box!

I believe people were healthier before the “food” industry started changing what we eat from naturally produced traditional foods to packaged “pseudo” foods. We have suffered as a population because of this, with skyrocketing levels of preventable illnesses. I also believe the damage CAN be reversed and we can all be healthier and happier by returning to a more traditional way of eating that is based on real foods.

I believe food is medicine and what we eat makes a powerful difference in how we feel and how much we can enjoy life.

I believe the time spent cooking and appreciating food is time well spent.

I believe that anyone can cook…..even if they don’t think so.